April Box - Shinjuku


This month's box was inspired by the never ending bustling atmosphere of salary men and women running to and from work. Shinjuku is also home to the second largest station in Tokyo and is filled with everything you need! You'll find the biggest names in technology, fashion and department stores there, so put aside a day (or two) to explore. Make sure you pop by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building because for no charge, you can check out the breath taking view of Tokyo City <3

Here's a list of the stationery goodness in this month's box:

+Nichiban Tape (Double sided Tape)

+Scotch Tape Utility Knife

+Katsuwa Pencil Sharpener

+Kokuyo 2 colour Highlighter

+Kokuyo Donut Seal Stamp

+Permanent Marker

Due to popular demand, this box has been restocked, so feel free to get yours here:

Arigatou Aiko