June Box


This month's box was inspired by cats! Cats on their own are already adorable enough but printed on stationery, you just can't pass it up! In fact, the most famous symbol of luck, the "beckoning cat" figurine, originated from Japan. The legend is that a man had seen a cat making a strange gesture with its paw. As he walked towards the cat out of curiosity, a bolt of lighting hit the exact spot he was standing. There are many temples around Japan that are dedicated purely for cats as they are also the symbol of protection. Hope you get to visit one some day!

Here's a list of the stationery goodness in this month's box:

+Gorogoro Nyansuke Pocket Album

+Mizutama Memo Pad

+Yumi Kitagi Washi Tape

+Schedule Washi Tape for Notebooks

+A5 Lined Notebook

+Cat Sticky Note Markers

Due to popular demand, this box has been restocked, so feel free to get yours here:

Arigatou Aiko