March Box - Takeshita St

Bubble Town (1).png

Inspired by the constant electric buzz of Takeshita St


This month's box was inspired by the colourful, playful and quirky Takeshita Street which can be found in the neighbourhood, Harajuku. Takeshita Street is a 400 metre long street lined with the trendiest fashion and accessories mainly targeted to fashion forward teens. Add it to your bucket list because whoever you are, you will fall in love with this place.

Here's a list of the stationery goodness in this month's box:

+Mitsubishi Uni Pen
+Index Adhesive Notes (Panda Bear)
+Paper Clips
+To Do List Pad
+Mildlinders 3 Colour Set
+Ribbon shaped stickers

Due to popular demand, this box has been restocked, so feel free to get yours here:

Arigatou Aiko