May Box


This month's box was inspired by the wonderful selection of desserts that Japan has got to offer. You'll find desserts at every corner ... whether it be at a vending machine, 7/11 konbini (convenience stores) and every restaurant you come by! Not only will you get to enjoy these delicious desserts, but you'll also enjoy it in style at the many theme restaurants too. Some famous desserts to have come out of Japan include mochi, crepes, honey toast and taiyaki (google it!) One things for sure is that you'll never get hungry in Japan! Here's a list of the stationery goodness in this month's box:

+KOKUYO Seal Stamp & Refill

+Pentel Mechanical Pen

+Copan Alphabet Stickers

+Kakikomeru Sticker Roll (Pop theme)

+Bakery Sticker Sheet

+Cute Letter Set

Due to popular demand, this box has been restocked, so feel free to get yours here:

Arigatou Aiko