A Japanese Stationery Store sent to you in a Box! 


A year ago, Arigatou Aiko was started by two friends who shared a deeper love for Japan after travelling there together for a little while. After discovering a whole new side to stationery they've never seen before, they saw a special opportunity to start something exciting and beautiful in their hometown, Melbourne. 

After some exploring, it became apparent that many Japanese stationery subscription boxes out there feature products that are no doubt "kawaii" (cute) in design however inferior in quality. On the other hand, stationery that is readily available in Australia are either designed to be very practical with little to no flair for design and if it was beautiful, you better believe it came at a premium price - not that it deterred our stationery addiction anyway, but something had to change!.


The stationery that we carefully select for our monthly subscription boxes is a reflection of everything we've ever dreamed of in paper goods. The stationery, also sourced straight from Japan, had to contain all the wonderful elements that, to us, make up Japanese design & culture, which are: timelessness, consistently high quality and downright heart-warming!

You’re also probably wondering, “Who is Aiko?”.

Aiko (the name meaning “My Beloved” in Japanese) is your not-so-distant friend from Japan who sends you monthly care packages containing your favourite - Japanese Stationery. The stationery will change and evolve depending on what is happening in Japan at the time which she will happily and excitedly share with you!

All in all, through Arigatou Aiko, we aim to bring a little bit more joy in everyone’s lives. And through discovering the Joys of Japan with us, we hope that you will also experience this wonderful country for yourselves and if you already have, we hope every box takes you back and brings a smile to your face.

Arashiyama, Kyoto

Arashiyama, Kyoto