How does the Rewards Program work? 

Every box will contain a card with your special code. You are welcome to share this code with family and friends so that they too can enjoy a box filled with Japanese Stationery goodies for 10% off. All they have to do is type the code at the checkout!  (Please note: the only item they can apply the discount on is the single boxes, the 3 month subscription is already discounted :) ) 

On our end, we will take note of how many people use your special code and gift you 5% off every time someone uses your code. For the 10th time you code is used, you're gifted a free box on us! You can use your discount any time and there is no expiry. 


If 5 people use your code, you will have secured 25% off any box you like. You can wait until more people use your code to receive a free box instead or if you want to use it right away, just email us and we'll send you a code to use at the checkout. Easy as that! 

We have introduced this rewards program because we wanted to thank all of you wonderful people who have shared our box out there. If there are any more questions, please just email us :) 

Thank you all again for your support, Arigatou Aiko Team